One Degree of Difference Makes All the Difference

When it comes to dealing with refrigeration, there’s a degree of perfection involved. Whether it’s configuring the initial installation of a refrigeration unit, servicing an already installed model or recalibrating a unit to meet a new level of functionality, perfection has to be behind every screw, nut and bolt. Because of this emphasis on perfection regarding refrigeration units, anyone with a fridge or freezer will enjoy a high working quality when it comes to these products: meaning food will be kept fresher, longer and nothing will experience freezer burn. When these things start to occur, however, you can bet that something has happened to make the perfect working system behind your refrigeration unit operate at a level that’s below its best.

One of the most common issues that arises when refrigeration units become overworked has to do with the refrigeration compressor. In its simplest form and function, a compressor compresses ammonia gas, which actually heats up when compressed. This may seem counter intuitive when it comes to lowering temperatures within the refrigeration unit, but when this compressed, heated ammonia gas reaches the coils on the back of the unit, which allows the gas to flow into an expansion valve where it’s released and quickly vaporizes, dropping temperatures below zero. When there’s an issue with the beginning of this sequence—the compressor—it ultimately means that there will be an issue with the end results. In this instance, it usually means that there is a lack of compression being performed by the refrigeration unit, in which case a refrigeration contractor in Saskatoon would have to inspect and possibly replace the compressor.

Another component that tends to falter over the course of a refrigeration unit’s life is its expansion valve. As mentioned above, the expansion valve is where the magic happens: hot ammonia gas is allowed to expand, where it immediately drops to freezing temperatures that allow you to keep things inside of your fridge cold. Sometimes, however, the expansion valve can suffer moisture buildup, which impedes the ability of the oncoming gas to expand properly, thus not allowing it to reach an optimum level of cool. In an instance like this, your refrigeration contractor in Saskatoon would actually need to disassemble the valve to check for moisture and replace it if this is the case.

One degree of difference makes a huge difference to the items inside of your refrigeration unit. A degree on the colder side can cause your items to freeze, burst or ruin them by permanently altering the state of their matter. Likewise, a degree or two too high and you could find yourself with a refrigerator full of expired products! Temperature is truly a fickle thing, which is why perfection is always needed when it comes to a refrigeration system.

Even the best systems go through hardships over time, which is why it’s always a good idea to have a refrigeration contractor in Saskatoon in your phonebook. Instead of tackling the problem yourself, its best to call a professional who can get to the bottom of things with ease and have your system back up and functioning perfectly in no time at all.