Regular HVAC Maintenance and Its Importance

Regular HVAC Maintenance and Its Importance Seasons change, but the desired temperature that you want your home to have should always be a constant thing and it should always be achievable. Foregoing regular HVAC maintenance might seem convenient, but the performance of your HVAC system will slowly degrade as a result.   Here are the […]
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Why Choose Pro Service Mechanical

Hello and welcome to Pro Service Mechanical! We understand that hiring the right experts is a MUST for every home or business owner.   If you are looking for reliable experts in residential and commercial heating, cooling and plumbing services, then we are the best team to work with! We strongly believe that everyone deserves […]
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Why Do We Argue About That Thermostat?

by Ben Wanner of Pro Service Mechanical Furnace season is upon us and the thermostat is about to become a “hot” button. (excuse the bad pun). You often hear of people fighting over the thermostat setting in their home. It is common to hear of women wanting it warmer and men turning it down. Combine […]
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Air Conditioning Fan Set To “On” Or “Auto”?

by Ben Wanner of Pro Service Mechanical [spacer height=”20px”] Should you have the fan setting on your thermostat set to “On” or “Auto” this cooling season? Rather than giving you a definitive answer we can say that there are pros and cons to both settings and it can depend on your individual situation for cooling […]
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Reduce your Costs for Heating and Air in Saskatoon

The fall and winter months can bring with them a number of necessary home repair requirements—many of which will ensure a comfortable home during the changing seasons. One such aspect of maintaining a home during the colder months has to do with your home’s heating system. The difference between a top quality, high functioning heating […]
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