Water Heater Services in Saskatoon

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Your water heater should last around 10 to 15 years. It’s easy to forget how important this piece of equipment is until a cold shower forces you to pay attention! If your water heater isn’t up to snuff, we have certified and fully-insured technicians to solve the problem in Saskatoon, SK.

Pro Service Mechanical offers top-notch water heater repairs, installation and maintenance. Our educated tradesmen have a great A+ rating with the BBB. And we always offer upfront pricing to keep the project within budget. Meet with a water heater specialist today and get temperatures under control!

Speaking of hot temperatures…when was the last time your furnace was inspected? We can help with furnace maintenance services.

Is It Time for a Water Heater Inspection?

From your morning routine to doing dishes in the evening, you rely on hot water with no interruptions. In order to prevent that shock of cold water in the shower, regular water heater maintenance is important. Are you starting to experience these water heater warning signs?

  • Running out of hot water quickly
  • Smelly or discolored water
  • High utility bills
  • Noisy water heater
  • Signs of pipe or equipment corrosion
  • Water heater running constantly

These signals mean it’s time to have your water heater serviced by a knowledgeable professional. Call Pro Service Mechanical in Saskatoon today!

Popular Water Heater Installation Options

Water heater technology has come a long way over the last few decades. If efficiency and cost-effectiveness are important to you, you might consider the latest innovative systems on the market:

  • HYBRID WATER HEATER: Often referred to as heat pump water heaters, these use 60% less energy than conventional electric systems. If you’re looking to save money each month on your utility bill, this is the system for you!
  • TANKLESS WATER HEATER: Also highly-efficient, this system saves space by eliminating the need for a large water storage tank. If you want to avoid energy waste, this equipment provides hot water on-demand, instead of constantly regulating water temperatures in a big tank.

Our team can help you decide. Call for expert advice on hot water heater installation or replacement!

A lack of water pressure could mean leaking pipes. We handle repiping and repair services.

Do You Need Help With a Gas or Electric Water Heater?

Water heaters have two main energy sources; gas or electric power. With such a wide range of models on the market, you need a water heater maintenance company with knowledge and experience for all types. Do you know what kind of water heater you have?

Different types require different work, parts, and solutions. A trained and certified technician will save you time and money by quickly recognizing the common problems these systems face. This ultimately means a solution for your problems that’s fast and effective.

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