Electrical Services in Saskatoon

We offer many different kinds of electrical services, including installation, maintenance, upgrades, and repairs. Our team of skilled electricians works hard to do the best work and give the best customer service they can.

Electrical upgrades

It’s important to keep your electronic systems up to date, and electrical upgrades are a great way to make your home safer and use less energy. Our electricians can update your electrical panel, install LED lighting, and even protect your home from power surges. You can be sure that your home is safe and ready for the future because of the changes we made.

Electrical Panel Upgrade: One of the most important things you can do to improve your electricity is to upgrade your electrical panel. An old panel can be a fire hazard and may not be able to handle the power needs of modern appliances and electronics. Some signs that you need a new electrical panel in your home are:

Electrical Repairs

Having electrical problems can be frustrating and dangerous. Our team of experts is here to help and can fix anything to do with electricity, from faulty wiring to replacing circuit breakers to installing new outlets. Our goal is to get your home back to normal as quickly and safely as possible.

Changes to circuit breakers: If your circuit breaker trips a lot, it might be time to get a new one. Our electricians can look at your electrical panel and tell you what will work best for you.

Wiring: Bad wiring can start fires and cause other problems, like lights that flicker or break fuses. Our electricians can fix any problems with the wiring in your home and make sure it is safe and working.

Installing electrical outlets: If you need new outlets in your home, our electricians can help. We can put outlets in any room of your home, and we can also help you choose the right ones for your style and needs.

Electrical Fault Detection: If you are having strange electrical problems, our electricians can help. We can find electrical problems and figure out how to fix them by using the latest technology.

Electrical Installs

No matter if you’re building a new house or just want to fix up the one you already have, our team of electricians can help. Our goal is to make sure that your home looks nice and works well. So that we can do this, we offer a wide range of electrical installations that fit your needs and preferences. We can help you set up everything from ceiling fans to smoke alarms, landscape lighting, and generators. No matter how big or small an electrical installation job is, our experienced electricians have the skills and knowledge to handle it. With our help, you can make your home more comfortable, stylish, and good for the environment.

Installing a smoke detector is one of the most important things you can do to keep your home safe. Our electricians can put smoke detectors in every room of your house, and we can also help you choose the right kind of smoke detectors for your needs.

Landscape lighting: Landscape lighting can make the outside of your house look better and make it safer. Our electricians can put in a wide range of landscape lighting, from path lights and deck lights to accent lights and spotlights.

If you live in a place where the power goes out often, installing a generator can give you peace of mind and keep your home powered in case of an emergency. Our electricians can help you find and install the best generator for your home.

Our team of professionals can help you fix any electrical problem. At Pro Service, we are dedicated to giving our residential customers the best electrical services possible. Get in touch with us right away to set up an appointment and find out more about how we can help improve your home’s electrical system.

If you’re looking for electrical service companies, don’t hesitate to call. Our helpful team can help you compare the best options for your unique home! 

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