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Keep your AC blasting all summer with high-quality repairs from the pros. Call Pro Service Mechanical for expertise with any AC make or model. Call  (306) 230-2442 today.

There’s nothing worse than squelching humidity on a hot day! Keeping your air conditioner in reliable shape only happens when repairs are handled early and by a professional. Without an accurate diagnosis, quality work, and durable replacement parts, the problem is sure to persist. Pro Service Mechanical offers superior air conditioning repairs in Saskatoon, SK to keep you cool!

We handle all sizes and styles of HVAC equipment. Commercial and residential customers love that we’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergency AC repairs. With over 10 years of experience, a certified team, and a reliable A+ BBB reputation, you can trust the quality of our work. Let us offer upfront pricing and skilled workmanship to get cool air back in your life!

Quickly spruce up the condition of your AC with hassle-free AC filter replacement service!

Is It Time for an AC Inspection or Repair?

When trouble starts to arise, getting a professional out for inspection needs to happen quickly. Air conditioners have a lot of complicated parts that have to work in harmony. If one component fails, it can trigger a domino effect. This can make the problem worse over time.

You’ll know it’s time for a professional inspection by trusting your senses:

Quality Repairs Extend the Life of Your AC

Make sure repairs are done right the first time to prolong the life of your AC. Putting a band-aid on a bigger issue won’t solve the true problem. That’s why careful troubleshooting and finding the true root cause is crucial.

Only an accurate diagnosis can solve the problem effectively and give you a return on the cost of AC repair. Proper diagnosis, trained eyes, skilled hands, and durable replacement parts are essential. This combination of workmanship will guarantee more life out of your AC.

Sick of repairing an old AC? We can save you money over time with an upgrade! Find out about our AC installation services.

How Air Conditioner Tune-Up Saves You!

Everyone needs some recovery time after a hard week of work. Your AC system is no different! Rejuvenating your equipment comes with benefits like better air quality, stronger output, longer equipment life, and fewer repairs. This saves you from the hassle of inconvenience and keeps money in your pocket.

With proper AC maintenance services once per year, you’ll avoid common problems and support cooling performance. We recommend an annual inspection and tune-up prior to the weather changing in Saskatoon. If you’ve overlooked regular care, Pro Service Mechanical is an AC service company that can get your equipment back on track!

Call Pro Service Mechanical at (306) 230-2442 for immediate AC help in Saskatoon, SK. We’re available 24/7 for emergency AC repairs!

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