Air Conditioning Installation in Saskatoon

Big or small, we handle all AC installations for residential and commercial customers! Call today to maximize your cooling budget!

Installing a brand new air conditioning system in your home or business is an exciting investment! But choosing the appropriate unit for your space can be a challenge. There’s also the matter of keeping the install cost-effective. With Pro Service Mechanical, you can get the cooling comfort you need with a cost-effective and hassle-free experience!

Since 2008, we’ve delivered a smooth installation process for customers in Saskatoon, SK, keeping quality and efficiency at the forefront. Our fully-insured and licensed technicians are certified to install top name brands like Lennox and Napoleon.

You’ll enjoy the advice of professionals you can trust and work that’s reliable for years to come. Our A+ BBB reputation is a testament to our work. Let us bring crisp, cool air into your life with up-front prices and an installation you can count on!

Hoping to keep your old equipment running a while longer? Ask us about AC repairs and tune-ups that last!

Questions to Decide If Air Conditioning Replacement Is in Order

Repairing what you already have will usually be the best way to save money. A repair will cost a fraction of replacing your whole unit. These are some questions you should consider before jumping into AC replacement:

  • Is your equipment over 15 years old?
  • Have you noticed a lack of performance and higher energy bills?
  • Is your whole property reaching desired temperatures? Or do you notice hotspots?
  • Have there been any previous repairs?
  • Do you need a major repair, like a new motor or compressor?
  • Is your unit leaking?
  • Do you hear strange noises from ductwork or the AC unit?

Benefits of Installing New AC Equipment

Replacing your old AC or installing for the first time comes with significant benefits. The obvious perk is your comfort and quality of life increases. But customers also experience improvements like:

  • Innovative technology and new features
  • No need for repairs in the near future
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Lower monthly bills
  • Stronger cooling power
  • Better air quality
  • More reliability

The benefits are worth the investment! Pro Service Mechanical can help you decide which make and model will maximize your budget to provide the cooling you need. Call for an AC installation service in Saskatoon today!

What’s the most effective way to achieve powerful cooling? Air conditioner maintenance service!

Top AC Performance from Professional Installation

When it’s time to choose an air conditioning installation company, you’ll find a big range of experience levels. But only a trained and licensed technician has the expertise to guarantee high performance from your new unit.

Increased performance and improved efficiency only happen when every bolt, valve, seal, and vent is installed correctly. If not, energy waste and frequent repairs can be expected way before they should. Make sure you choose a team that knows exactly what they’re doing and will get the job done right on the first try!

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