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When your HVAC equipment is laboring to keep you comfortable, there’s a strain on the system. Old or worn-out parts can break without notice. And one of the most common issues is with the air handler. This component regulates temperatures and circulates air, putting your AC or furnace completely out of order when it breaks.

Pro Service Mechanical is experienced in air handler repairs and replacement in Saskatoon, SK. Our qualified and insured technicians are familiar with the best ways to get your air conditioner up and running. With up-front pricing and a leading reputation with the locals, you can count on reliable work. Check out our A+ BBB reviews and know we’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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What Is an Air Handler?

Near your ductwork system lives a big metal box. In this box, known as the air handler, are many crucial parts that work together to distribute hot or cold air through your living space. You might have heard the term “blower” used to describe this function.

Anyone of the mechanisms in this air handler box can fail, causing improper function. Dirty coils, tired fans and overheating equipment are all common causes of air handler failure. It’s important to take care of issues quickly when you notice poor performance from your heater or AC.

Leading Benefits of a Variable Speed Air Handler

If air handler replacement is in order, consider upgrading for the variable speed feature. This allows your blower to adjust the operating speed based on the current and desired temperatures. This gives your system better control of its performance, and you’ll see and feel benefits like:

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Avoid Air Handler Problems With Proper Care

Most HVAC problems can be avoided with preventative maintenance. We always recommend having your system inspected before the high-use seasons begin. For heating equipment, this means scheduling an inspection in the late summer or early fall. For your cooling unit, schedule an AC tune-up towards the end of spring.

Having your equipment cleaned and inspected by a trained and licensed pro promotes better performance. A good technician will also point out any potential problem areas or make you aware of upgrade options. Get a handle on your air handler with Pro Service Mechanical in Saskatoon today!

Pro Service Mechanical offers air handler repairs and replacement in Saskatoon, SK. Call (306) 230-2442 for careful work and attention to detail!

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