Electrical Violations You Need to Know About

Safely operating electrical systems are a vital component to any residential or commercial property. Quality electrical installation in Saskatoon and routine maintenance are great ways to ensure your electrical system operates safely and effectively. If you are a homeowner or own or operate a commercial property, it is important to know that many electrical violations […]
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Grounding Your Electrical Installation in Saskatoon

The importance of grounding electrical installations in Saskatoon cannot be overstated: grounding will keep you, your family and your home safe from electrical malfunctions and stray currents. Today, most residential and commercial electrical systems have fuses or circuit breakers to protect the electrical system against major fault currents or short circuits, however even with these […]
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Reasons You May Need 220V

There are plenty of reasons to need 220V, which is why all summer long electrical contractors are busy running all over Saskatoon fulfilling customers’ demand for higher voltage. Might be a new hot tub one day or a commercial refrigerator the next—electricians are busy taking orders all over this part of Canada. What are some […]
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