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Regular HVAC Maintenance and Its Importance

Regular HVAC Maintenance and Its Importance

man fixing a furnaceSeasons change, but the desired temperature that you want your home to have should always be a constant thing and it should always be achievable. Foregoing regular HVAC maintenance might seem convenient, but the performance of your HVAC system will slowly degrade as a result.


Here are the main reasons why having your HVAC system regularly maintained by our professionals is of utmost importance:


It reduces emergency repairs.

Having your HVAC system fixed only during an emergency can leave you at the mercy of the winter cold or summer heat while replacement or repair is being performed. Having your HVAC system tuned up regularly will ensure you that it will run efficiently all year-round! You should schedule your next tune-up, so you can avoid costly emergency repairs.


It gives you healthy indoor air.

A dirty HVAC system promotes an environment where bacteria and mold can thrive. It produces more allergy problems for your family and the rest of the household. A clean filter, however, does a better job of trapping air particles and it also helps prevent contaminated air from being pulled in from areas like a crawl space and the attic. A clean AC coil or heat pump also provides a healthier environment.  If you are experiencing allergen issues then you may wish to go the extra step and install an ultraviolet air purifier to help alleviate these issues.


It gives your system longevity.

Having your HVAC system regularly maintained also increases its usable life by up to 40%. So, with proper maintenance, you can avoid having to spend on a new HVAC system in the future. This is important for your budget as a new system can cost you thousands.


It lowers the utility bills.

Who does not want to spend less money on a monthly expense, right? This can happen just by having your HVAC system tuned up every year. Many companies, like Pro Service Mechanical, offer maintenance plans that include a complete system check – make sure to call us at your earliest convenience!


It ensures safety.

All oil or gas burning furnaces put off carbon dioxide, no matter how efficient they are. This odourless gas is poisonous. It can invade your living space if not vented properly. Older furnaces that are not regularly maintained produce more of this gas. During a tune-up, HVAC technicians will check for proper gas venting and they will ensure that it is burning properly.

Let our experts look at things such as ventilation, air quality, comfort levels in every room in your home, and energy consumption. It is time to take care of your HVAC system with our help!

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