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Reasons You May Need 220V

There are plenty of reasons to need 220V, which is why all summer long electrical contractors are busy running all over Saskatoon fulfilling customers’ demand for higher voltage. Might be a new hot tub one day or a commercial refrigerator the next—electricians are busy taking orders all over this part of Canada. What are some of the main reasons you’ll need 220V? Well, here is a list of five to get you thinking about great home upgrades that will need just a little bit of electrical work.

A/C Unit: Whether it’s a premium window unit or central air, air conditioning requires a lot of power. It’s sure worth it in summer time though on those hot and humid evenings. Air conditioning units that require 220V are able to crank out much more cold air and cool your house or apartment down faster. Since these units are either in a window or next to the house, having an electrical contractor in Saskatoon wire 220V is pretty inexpensive.

Washer and Dryer: Remember that first place you had when you just got married or first moved out of your parent’s home? Most likely it had no washer and dryer. All those coins and having to carry huge bags to a cleaner, well, those days are over. One of the best home upgrades is to get a washer and dryer. It makes life so much easier and doesn’t cost that much to run. Running 220V down to your basement is an easy task, and can come in handy for other basement upgrades requiring extra power.

Irrigation Pump: Speaking of extra upgrades for a basement requiring 220V, have you ever considered adding an irrigation pump? Irrigation pumps are one of the best ways to prevent home flooding and moisture build-up. Many homebuyers these days won’t purchase a home unless it has one, so especially if you are considering selling, consider adding one of these right away. Next time there is a heavy rain, you’ll thank yourself for it.

Garage Heat: Adding some insulation to your garage’s walls and adding a heating unit is a great way to extend the comforts of your home to another space. Imagine in the coldest part of winter, getting into a warm car. With proper insulation these heating units are pretty efficient to run. Further, you can still do projects in the garage even when it’s cold out, like working on your car or painting something with your kids. Nothing says handy man or handy woman like a garage you can work in all year long.

Garage Tools: The next step to a great garage is a serious selection of tools. Don’t think of boring old ratchets and wrenches; instead consider something requiring some power. If you’ve already run 220V to your garage for a heating unit, than make sure you can support some extra tools as well. Small welders, air compressors, wood cutting tools: these things are endlessly useful but all require 220V.

There you have it. Some of the best home upgrades money can buy. To get started, call an electrical contractor in Saskatoon for an estimate. Whether you are running 220V to a bedroom, basement or garage, have a professional do it and then enjoy your more comfortable life with some great new gadgets.