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How to Tell if it’s Time for a New Heating Installation in Saskatoon

Your commercial building’s HVAC system is built to last—meaning that you can expect unparalleled performance from it for years, so long as you keep up to date on proper service and maintenance. The furnace and heating system in particular need to be routinely serviced and inspected to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to facilitating warm air within the building itself. Furnace maintenance is not usually hard, nor does it require a whole lot of effort on the part of the building owner—the real work is generally done by professional contractors who understand how commercial heating systems work.

As with all things, however, there will come a point when your existing furnace and heating system are no longer able to function at the capacity you need and expect them to. When this time comes—generally a long way off in the future if you have a well-functioning heating system to begin with—it’s important to know the signs associated with it, so that you have an idea of how to go about increasing the efficiency of your building heat moving forward. Here are a few ways to tell if you’ll soon need a new heating installation in Saskatoon:

Higher heating costs: The first indication that your current heating installation isn’t performing to the standards that it once did is a noticeable increase of the balance of your utility bill. Unless there’s been a drastic change in heating usage in your building, your bill should remain fairly stable from month to month. The easiest way to check to see if there’s been a major increase in the amount owed is to pull a bill from the same month of the prior year or two, to compare the average dollar amount owed. Older units will give out quickly when they’re pushed, so you may notice more expensive operations in as little as a year.

Frequent service: On average, a commercial heating system should be inspected and repaired bi-annually or quarterly, to ensure that there are no developing issues that are left unchecked. If your heating installation seems to need repair work done on it or maintenance scheduled more frequently than these usually scheduled times, it could be time to consider having it evaluated for efficiency. You may come to find that your old furnace or heating system has passed its point of usefulness and needs to be upgraded.

Lackluster operations: A telltale sign that your existing heating system is on its way out lies in its performance. How frequently does the system need to kick on? What is the quality of the warm air being pushed to your spaces? Are there any odors or is there any dryness in the air? If you notice that any of these variables are in decline, scheduling an inspection may be the best course of action for you when it comes to gauging the effectiveness of your existing system versus a new incarnation.