Global Warming, your old furnace isn’t helping

Image of in-efficient furnace chimney exhaust plumes that promotes global warming

You may be environmentally conscious and doing your part like many of us, recycling, using energy efficient light bulbs, taking your bike to work, setting back your thermostat etc, but did you know an old inefficient furnace may be contributing more to your carbon footprint than any of these. 60 percent of the energy used to run our home on average is used for space heating and with a conventional furnace we are wasting about 40 percent of that energy. It seems wasteful not only for the environment but for our wallets as well.

Image of a polar bear on a small ice flow

It is not uncommon for a homeowner changing out there old furnace to a new high efficient condensing furnace to reduce there annual green house gas emissions by 3 to 4 tonnes a year! Call Pro Service today and let us show you how to start saving money and helping the environment every time your furnace comes on.

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