Furnace Repair – The Dos and Don’ts of Staying Warm in an Emergency

by Ben Wanner of Pro Service Mechanical

using an oven for heat?

If your heat goes out on your heating system you may have to wait for a bit as the furnace technician makes his or her way to your home. Depending on the weather, demand and distance from the technician, times can vary. You may have come home from holidays or from work to find your house is very cold.

Sometimes we can check a few simple things to get the heat on while waiting for service to arrive. Click here to read this article for some items and issues you can check yourself easily. If these tips don’t get the furnace running again then we are going to have to try and keep things warm or warm up the house if it is cold. Here are some Important tips.

An Electric Stove is a very big source of heat in your home but be careful!!

  • Many people don’t realize how much heat the average electric oven can produce. The average electric home oven and cooktop can produce as much as 12,000 watts. This is equivalent to approximately 41000 btu/hr. This much heat would be adequate to heat a very well insulated and sealed 900 sq ft home. Even if your home is bigger than this it will still effectively produce a lot of heat but it must be done in a manner that is safe and only in an emergency situation.


  • Please keep in mind that we would only suggest using an electric oven as a source of heat in an emergency. We do not suggest using a gas stove or cooktop.


  • We would not suggest leaving the oven door open. If you leave it open for extended periods of time it could damage the finish or melt plastic dials on your stove.


  • This may not be a good idea if you have small children in the house, especially if you use the cooktop for heat. If you use your electric stove and cooktop for heat in an emergency, we suggest monitoring the area. Keep combustibles away from the cooktop and stove and always ensure the safety of the people in the home.

Other Sources of Heat

  • If you have a gas fireplace then turn it on. If you have a wood fireplace and can start a fire safely then do so. This of course will help significantly.

family in front of gas fireplace

  • DO NOT bring in a gas or propane BBQ in to the house for extra heat regardless of the situation. This is very dangerous and could cause serious injury or death. Candles also put out very little heat and can often cause house fires if left unattended. We do not recommend using candles.


  • Using the clothes dryer in your home can generate significant heat as well. During an emergency heat out situation it is a good time to catch up on that laundry.


  • Electric Space Heaters can be very affective if used safely. We often will use these as a temporary source of heat for our customers if there is a delay in the repair or if we need to wait on a special order part. It is important to read the instructions and obey the combustible clearances with electric space heaters.

electric space heater

Keeping the pipes from freezing

Saskatoon plumbing, frozen water line

  • Having your pipes freeze is only likely if the temperature in the home falls significantly. If you have electric space heaters you can put them near pipes that are near exterior walls. Again ensure to follow the rules and keep the proper distance way from combustibles to ensure safety.


  • Letting your faucets drip can really keep them from freezing. The water running will take a lot longer to freeze. A small amount of water waste is small in comparison to a large water leak, possible damage to your home and contents and a possible insurance claim.


  • Shutting the water off to the house may be necessary if the inside temperature gets very cold. This would only be in an extreme situation.

Pro Service has fast emergency service

We always have technicians on call 24/7 365. Our emergency staff can usually give you a good idea of the time it will take us to get to your home in an emergency heat out situation. We have electric space heaters available to keep your home warm during the repair and we are always prompt and friendly.

Pro Service Saskatoon

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