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Top Causes for Poor Airflow in HVAC systems

Have you ever noticed warm air coming out of your air conditioning system or very little air coming out at all? Symptoms of poor airflow in HVAC systems include hot and cold spots in different parts of your home or office. There can also be some ghostly characteristics where you hear strange noises and doors that slam by themselves. Worry not, these “noises and door shuts” are not caused by a “friendly ghost,” but from pressure imbalances.

Many problems can cause reduced airflow; however, we have listed below some of the most common issues that you need to be aware of:

Obstructed or Blocked Condenser Unit Fan

Outdoor condenser units would be the first point of inspection. They can become blocked by fallen debris such as leaves from nearby trees and is a common occurrence during fall. It doesn’t hurt to check even if your condenser unit is located indoors as it could be obstructed by objects stored nearby. Best bet is to keep clear of any obstructions at least a couple of feet around the condenser unit fan.

Vents That Are Blocked By Furniture

We are all somewhat guilty of blocking air vents in our offices if it is getting too hot or too cold. Sooner than later, some of us tend to bring our interior designer at heart to effect where we are rearranging the office to place filing cabinets or furniture in front of air vents, of course with the excuse of “easy access”. Always have a 2-3 feet of clearance in front of vents to ensure that vents are not blocked.

Dirty Filters

Back to basics. Dirty filters need to be cleaned or replaced. The filters in furnaces and air conditioning equipment can easily become blocked due to an accumulation of particles trapped over time. It is a good practice to check the filter once a month or every couple of months to see how clogged it is. They should be cleaned or replaced regularly. Depending on the brand of air conditioner you are dealing with, the replacement time varies, so ensure that you check the manual for any specifics. If you have any questions, about your air conditioner model, you can also call one of our specialists at Pro Service Plumbing at 306-230-2442

Slow Fan Motor

If you have tried the above, then the poor airflow could be due to a malfunction. The blower fans that move air through your heating & air conditioning system can malfunction and either slow down or stop altogether. This results in poor airflow that reduces the efficiency of the system as a whole.

Air Conditioning Unit That Is Too Large

When it comes to air conditioning, bigger is not always better. More power, bigger equipment may be more of an inconvenience and cause issues as it would switch on and off too often, depending on the size of your property. Frequent on and off cycles can result is poor airflow in all rooms.

Out of date Design and Components

Time flies and with time comes maintenance and updates. Every industry innovates over time and air conditioning and HVAC is no different. There is a lot more capable technology today then a decade ago. How many years has it been since you have had your heating & air conditioning system updated? If it has been more than 10 years, your airflow problems may well be down to an outdated design or to components that are so inefficient they are obsolete by modern standards.

Leaking Refrigerant or Dirty Condenser

Refrigerant needs to be checked and topped up, just like oil levels in a car. Low levels of refrigerant can result in poor air airflow as well as cooling problems. Dirty condenser coils can also be an issue. If the coils in your condenser are not cleaned, the unit may be overworked, which can result in airflow issues. If your equipment is older than five years, it is recommended to get it checked and serviced for better efficiency.

There are many more points that need to be considered and if you are having problems, let us help you by doing a quick inspection to ensure that your HVAC system is working at its best. Call Mark at 306-230-2442. We are available 24/7.