The Importance of Garage Heaters

For some homeowners, their garage is like a home away from home – a place where they get things done, start new projects, and make repairs. However, if you live in Canada, then you pretty much have an idea how pretty cold a garage can get especially in the winter – unless you have a heater.


Here are some of the benefits of having a garage heater installed in your garage:



It is no secret that Canadian winters can be harsh, and they can wreak havoc on your vehicles, but keeping your cars in the garage can help combat this problem. Keeping your cars in a heated garage provides even more benefits! Here are some of those advantages:


*Your cars will warm up faster.

*Coolant in your vehicles will be warmer, even with low temperatures outside.

*There will be less oil viscosity.

*Starting the car will be easier.

*Doors and locks in your cars will not freeze and get stuck.

*Snow or ice will not have to be removed from the windows.

*Your car will be protected from engine wear – improving fuel economy and increasing vehicle longevity.



Bedrooms and bonus rooms above the garage are becoming more and more common. The problem, however, is that those rooms are often cold – even with proper insulation and their own heat source. If you have a heater in the garage, though, then it can go a long way in making those additional rooms warmer and thus, safer during the coldest of nights. Also, a heater can provide warmth and comfort to plants and pets that are kept in a bonus room or even in the garage itself.



An unheated garage is also an uncomfortable place to work it. When it is cold outside, you will spend as much time trying to stay as warm as you can while you work on your projects. In addition, having to bundle up can impede your ability to work as productively as possible.


When you have a garage heater, however, all these problems can be solved! Most heating options do not require a large initial investment or even high monthly costs. So, if you work in your garage, then having a garage heater will definitely be a worthy investment.


If you are interested in having a garage or shop heater installed, serviced or repaired, then contact us today for more information! We hope to hear from you soon.


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