Taking Care of Your Air Conditioner

If you have an air conditioner at home or in your office, you should know that it requires regular maintenance for it to function effectively and efficiently through the course of its lifetime. Failure to get the necessary maintenance for your AC unit will result in a steady decline in its performance and its energy […]
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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Central Air Conditioner

  Are you considering purchasing a central air conditioner for your home or replacing an existing unit? Considering this is a significant investment there are some things you may want to consider: Do you wish to purchase an Energy Efficient system? Energy efficiency is vital when considering a new air conditioner.  Will you purchase a […]
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Air Conditioning Fan Set To “On” Or “Auto”?

by Ben Wanner of Pro Service Mechanical [spacer height=”20px”] Should you have the fan setting on your thermostat set to “On” or “Auto” this cooling season? Rather than giving you a definitive answer we can say that there are pros and cons to both settings and it can depend on your individual situation for cooling […]
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Save Up To $500 On A New Air Conditioner with Pro Service

[spacer height=”20px”] Save Up To $500 On A New Air Conditioner with Pro Service [spacer height=”20px”] Pro Service has that old fashioned customer service that you can rely on with the latest in air conditioning technology from Lennox. You can save up to $500 on a new central air installation for your home until July 30 2017. Pro […]
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