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Some Cool Advice for Food Purveyors

Have you ever considered how many food purveyors there are in and around Saskatoon? The map is practically dotted with them. From fine eating establishments, to convenience stores and fast food, and don’t forget about all the cafeterias feeding workers and students alike. The food industry is alive and well in this part of Canada, employing an ever increasing portion of the population and filling a whole lot of stomachs in the process. All of those kitchens have someone managing it, and for those managers: a little bit of cool advice—get to know an expert Saskatoon refrigeration contractor.

You might be wondering why a kitchen manager in Saskatoon should know a local refrigeration contractor so well he or she knows their number better than their own? Well the answer is pretty simple, he or she can prevent a regulatory nightmare, keep your food safe—benefitting both your reputation and keeping your customers happy—and as an added bonus, he or she will help your bottom dollar.

Right now your eyes may be frozen on that bottom dollar part, but defrost them and read on to see how your business can benefit this greatly. It’s pretty simple—every kitchen has a walk in cooler and some sort of freezer. Restaurants often buy their food products in bulk to save money, or save certain prepared foods for the next day. All of this is fine so long as certain food safety standards are practiced and upheld, right? Well not exactly. Even the most careful chef or kitchen manager, who abides by every rule in the book, can’t help it if a walk in cooler or freezer fails to maintain a safe temperature.

A walk in cooler that gets too warm or cold, or a freezer that fluctuates between freezing and non-freezing temperatures, results in a number of major problems. The food industries safety standards are regulated with all sorts of rules and infractions for violations. If a walk in cooler or freezer isn’t working properly, you already have broken a food safety rule. Further, you’ve increased the odds that an inspector will find other violations due to the unsafe temperatures. Inspectors have heard every excuse in the book, so don’t think you’ll get away with it. Instead, you will be fined and have your reputation tarnished.

Even more worrisome is the possible harm you can cause to your customers. Unsafe temperatures will lead to excessive bacteria growth on food, even if you properly sealed it and have kept it for a safe amount of time. Nothing will hurt your business like food illness, except possibly the last result of a malfunctioning cooling system: sour food. Rotten vegetables, freezer burned meat, rotten food from just one day ago, all of it will be going in the trash when your cooling system doesn’t work properly. This means money down the drain.

The best advice? Get to know a refrigeration contractor in Saskatoon. They won’t mind stopping in to test your equipment, and better yet, if something breaks, you’ll know who to call to get things working again. Great kitchen managers know they can’t do it all themselves—so give a contractor a call today to protect your restaurant, and maybe make a friend in the process.