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Selecting a Plumbing Contractor

You might be taking the plumbing in your home or business for granted until you do not have water one day. This will certainly show you the importance of having a good plumbing in your home or business. If you need to hire a plumbing contractor, it is essential to know what you should look for in this type of professional.


We have gathered some of the most important things you should keep in mind:


#1. Proper Licensing

It is important to ask whether the plumbing contractor you are eyeing to hire is licensed by the City, certified and insured. Also, does your contractor carry Worker Comp. Insurance. If not you may be liable for any worker injuries that occur at your home. You may also want to check if there were formal complaints or liens that have been issued against the company before actually working with them.


#2. Business Experience

Generally, it is a good idea to make sure that the plumbing contractor has been in business for a few years before deciding to hire them. There might be exceptions to the rule, but the main principle is that the more experience a plumbing contractor has, the more likely they are getting the job done right the first time.


#3. Warranty

The best plumbers in the industry normally offer some type of guarantee on the services they offer. Before hiring a plumbing contractor, ask them the types of warranty they offer. A plumbing company that provides a good warranty will tell you that they are willing to stand behind the services and products they offer.


#4. References

It is another great idea to ask a plumbing contractor for references. Reputable plumbers would have no problem providing good references, so do not hesitate to ask them for it. If in case, you do not have time for references, you may look for the company online and read their customer reviews. There would be bad reviews for almost every company, so do not focus solely on the bad ones you might read. Most people do not post a review for a company unless they either had a terrible experience or a really great one.


#5. Timeliness

No one wants to sit around all day long just waiting to get your water back on. This is why it is important to have a reliable plumber who will be at your home at the scheduled time, and not hours later. Be wary of companies that tell you the exact time of arrival, because it is a good sign that they will not be on time. Good plumbing contractors give a time window of 2 to 3 hours. More importantly, be sure that the plumber calls to let you that he is on his way!


If you are facing a plumbing problem, our experienced plumbers are always ready to help take care of your plumbing problems for you. Remember to reach out to us today!



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