Reducing Plumbing Bills at Home – Water-Saving Tips You Need to Know

Short-Term and Long-Term Water Saving Tips to Reduce Plumbing Bills at Home

Your water bill and plumbing costs are routine household expenses, but that doesn’t mean the price is set in stone. Many people right now are looking for ways to reduce household costs without sacrificing their quality of life. A great way to do that is by reducing your plumbing bills with a few water-saving tips.

There are tons of ways to reduce the amount of water you pay for each month and still enjoy all the showers, meals, and cleaning that are part of your household routine. We’ve put together both short-term ways to save on water and long-term home upgrades to help in reducing plumbing bills.

Short Term Water Saving Tips Take Long Baths and Short Showers

You may have heard that either baths or showers use less water. Really, it depends on how long you want to enjoy your hot water. A short shower, say five to ten minutes, is more efficient than a full bath. But a bath of a half-hour or longer saves more water than showering for that time. So if you want to save water, take short showers, or enjoy a longer bath.

Install New Aerating Faucets and Shower Heads

The amount of water that flows through your faucets and shower heads can also be controlled, while also increasing the quality of your water flow. Faucet and shower upgrades are low-cost, and aerating styles will “spread out” the water with a system of screens while using less water overall.

Water Your Plants with Pasta Water

You can even save water while keeping your house plants and flower beds nourished. The next time you make pasta, pour the used water into your watering can instead. The starch left in the water is like plant food and is actually healthy for your favorite flora.

Keep an Eye on Your Water Meter

Don’t let leaks steal money through your water bill. Set up smart in-line meters or just keep an eye on your water meter to make sure water isn’t racking up when no water is being used in the house. If water is “disappearing” and being charged to your bill, fix the leak to save money and water in the future.

Install Smart Leak Detectors

You can also drop small battery-powered leak and moisture detectors below your washing appliances and sinks. You’ll receive an alert if it detects drips or puddles so that you can immediately fix interior leaks and the lost water doesn’t go on your bill.

Long-Term Water-Saving Strategies

Choose a Water-Efficient Dishwasher and Washing Machine

If you have an appliance replacement in the near future, choose a dishwasher or washing machine that is energy-efficient. Choose a design that will use the minimum amount of water.

Replace Your Water Heater with a Tankless Water Heater

You can also save on your water and power bills by replacing your old tank water heater with a tankless water heater. These heat on-demand so that you are never refilling and reheating the same water in the tank again and again.

Install a Water Softener for Plumbing Longevity

Finally, you can ensure that both your inlet pipes and your drains last much longer – saving you on long-term plumbing costs and pipe replacements – by installing a water softener. By removing certain mineral content, you reduce scale buildup and increase pipe longevity throughout your house.

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