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Take Your Summer Drinks Up a Notch With Filtered Water!

Why Everyone’s Summer Plans Should Include Installing a Water Filter

Water is one precious resource that no one can go without. It’s used for everything, from drinking and cooking to bathing and washing clothes. But water from the tap isn’t always as clean and pure as people might think. Even after being processed by the city or town’s water supplier, the water can pick up impurities through various means.

The effects of these contaminants can range from mildly unpleasant to extremely dangerous – and that’s where a water filter comes in. With the right water filter, homeowners can enjoy clean, delicious water without worrying about unwanted impurities – for the summer and beyond.

Improved Flavor

Water filtration systemOne common sign of impurities in tap water is a funny taste or smell. Many people have experienced water that tastes metallic or salty or even smells like rotten eggs. Others have noticed that their water has a chemical taste, which is most often attributed to the small amounts of chlorine or chloramine added to many municipal water supplies as a disinfectant.

While these pollutants aren’t necessarily hazardous in most cases, they can give the home’s water an undesirable flavor or odor. In many cases, the difference may be powerful enough to affect the taste of anything made with the home’s tap water, including tea, coffee, pasta, boiled veggies, and anything containing ice. For many homeowners, it’s worth installing a filter just to remove these pollutants and preserve the flavor of their drinks and meals.

Do Away With Harmful Chemicals

Although certain chemicals like chlorine are safe to ingest in very small amounts, the same cannot be said for other chemical contaminants. Pesticides and herbicides, industrial chemical byproducts, pharmaceuticals, cleaning agents – any one of these can cause major health issues, even in small quantities.

Removing these dangerous substances from the home’s water supply is perhaps the most critical advantage a water filter has to offer. Many of these chemical particles can be extremely small and can slip through some of the more basic filters, so it’s crucial to select a filtration system capable of capturing them.

Flush Toxins From the Body

Woman sitting on a sofa drinking a glass of waterDrinking plenty of filtered water also assists in the body’s natural detox process. Clean water not only helps flush out toxins that have accumulated in the body, but it also helps the body’s organs function more efficiently, enhances nutrient absorption, and improves overall health. On the other hand, drinking a lot of unfiltered water will actually make matters worse by contributing more toxins to the body.

Of course, some minerals in tap water are healthy and necessary. Many filtration systems remove pollutants but let certain desirable minerals slip through, while others reintroduce these minerals post-filtration. Because there are so many types of filters available, homeowners would do well to consult with a plumber or water filtration expert to ensure they get the best water filter to suit their unique needs.

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