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Everything Homeowners Need to Know About AC Tune-Ups

How Can HVAC Maintenance Help Your Home

No one wants their AC unit to go out in the middle of a 90 degree summer day. AC emergencies are obvious, but some signs that they may be immediate are not so black and white. It’s important for all homeowners to know the more subtle signs of a coming emergency so that they can call for an AC tune-up before things really get dire.

HVAC technicians are absolutely imperative to all homeowners’ comfort, especially in the warmer months. In this article, they give some helpful information all homeowners can integrate into their home maintenance routine.

Signs the Home Needs an AC Tune-Up

when to getIssues with AC units aren’t always obvious. Subtle issues are actually the ones homeowners need to look out for the most because catching them and scheduling an AC tune-up early is a huge money saver.

One sign is that the AC unit starts to be much noisier than it has been. These noises can be squealing (often a belt problem), grinding (a possible loose part), banging (compressor issues), or any other noise. Schedule an AC tune-up as soon as any strange noise starts.

Another sign that an AC tune-up is needed is that the home stops having consistently cool temperatures. If certain rooms stop cooling off as completely as before, seek assistance from a professional HVAC technician as soon as possible.

High energy bills are another bad omen for AC units. If nothing about the home or the thermostat has changed by the electricity bills have skyrocketed, it is definitely time for an AC tune-up.

Who Provides AC Maintenance Services?

While many HVAC companies provide AC tune-ups, not all of them are reputable. There are a variety of factors that homeowners should look at when deciding who to choose for their AC services.

The first is to look for reviews and ratings. However, keep in mind that not every review or rating is honest. Personal feelings can play into people leaving reviews on social media, so take negative ones with a grain of salt. It’s best to take all of the reviews into account as a whole, looking for a general theme. If most of the reviews are negative, there’s likely a reason for that. Consider asking friends and family for their recommendations as well.

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In addition to positive reviews, homeowners should also verify that the company they are considering hiring for their AC tune-up is appropriately licensed. One way to do that is to call the company directly. This also allows the opportunity for the homeowner to evaluate their customer service, which is another important piece of the puzzle.

The Cost of an AC Tune-Up

ac tune up costWhile the cost of an AC tune-up may vary depending on the service provider, one this is for certain… it is far less than what the cost of an AC emergency is! Keeping up with regular AC services can catch small issues before they become major, more expensive ones.

Unfortunately, routine care can often get put off as being less important than taking care of other things. It may seem like they are an unnecessary expense if everything is running smoothly and there are no recognizable problems with the system.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, though. Many problems that can happen with AC units start off with smaller, less obvious problems that an AC tune-up would likely have been able to diagnose.

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