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3 Plumbing Nightmares To Make You Scream

The Most Frightening Plumbing Emergencies Homeowners Face

Owning a home is not always sunshine and rainbows; sometimes issues crop up that make life a nightmare. One such part of homeownership is dealing with plumbing emergencies. When something goes wrong with the plumbing, it doesn’t always happen when it’s convenient or when people are ready for it. In addition to taking homeowners by surprise and ruining daily routines, plumbing emergencies are usually expensive to repair and can create a lot of damage.

How do plumbing emergencies happen? What are the most common plumbing problems? This article will discuss three.

Burst Pipes From Freezing Temperatures

burst pipe

Northern winters are extremely cold, with temperatures routinely dipping below freezing. These freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on household plumbing. One dire consequence is burst pipes, which results in flooding and high water bills.

Pipes burst when the water inside of them gets so cold that it freezes. Water expands as it freezes, which increases the pressure inside the pipe. Too much pressure building up causes the pipe to rupture. From there, water spills out, causing water damage to walls, carpets and floors, and furniture. If unnoticed, the house may eventually flood.

There are a few ways to prevent burst pipes. Wrapping pipes in insulation or heat tape will keep them warm and prevent their contents from freezing. Equip a generator to run the home’s heater in case of a power outage. And if the house will be vacant for a long time, shut off the water supply completely.

Overflowing Sink or Toilet

Clogs are a common plumbing pest in sink drains and toilets. Clogs are generally formed of hard waste, paper products, hair, soap residue, dirt, and grease. If a clog completely blocks the drain, water will back up and eventually overflow the sink or toilet. This will create a mini flood, which can cause water damage to floors, walls, and furniture.


To prevent clogs, clean the drains as soon as the water starts running slower than usual. Chemical and DIY drain cleaners work well when used as instructed, as well as the routine use of enzymatic cleaners. Plungers and drain snakes are effective at removing large blockages. If all else fails, a professional plumber can remove the blockage and clean the drains with a powerful drain auger.

Sump Pump Failure

Homes with a basement typically have a sump, which is a hole that fills with runoff water. Sump pumps are electric motor devices that pump that water out of the basement and away from the house. This prevents the home from flooding. 

When the sump pump fails, either due to a faulty motor or a power outage, the basement can quickly flood during heavy rainstorms or during spring when the snow is melting. A flooded basement not only causes harm to its contents, but it can also damage the foundation and leave behind hazardous mould growth.

To guard against sump pump failure, install a battery-powered backup sump pump, which will kick on automatically if the power goes out.

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