Sump Pump Services in Saskatoon

Avoid a major catastrophe! Prevent home flooding with sump pump services by the pros!

Heavy rains and basements don’t mix well. But even without a basement, your crawl space and foundation can be at risk during inclement weather. A sump pump is the key ingredient to protecting your home from flooding and water damage.

Pro Service Mechanical protects homes and business with careful sump pump installation, maintenance and repairs. With over a decade of local plumbing experience, we’ve established our reputation with A+ reviews on BBB. We offer up-front pricing and 24 hour emergency service to help in your time of need. Call when you want to keep your home safe from the elements in Saskatoon, SK!

Are water problems coming directly from your pipes? We can save you from interior flooding with home repipe services.

Do I Need a Sump Pump?

If your property is in a flood zone or on a floodplain, we highly recommend a sump pump. Even a home with insufficient rain gutters should consider this device. Water can easily accumulate and pool. A sump pump is designed to move water away from your home, protecting it from the possibility of a flood.

But rainy weather isn’t the only way a sump pump can save your structure. A burst pipe or faulty water heater can also create flooding issues. Rest easy knowing you have a sump pump in place that will turn on when moisture is detected.

Which Sump Pump Should I Buy?

Sump pumps are engineered in different ways for different reasons. The sump pump you choose should depend on your unique situation; the square footage of your home, your budget, and your water protection needs. These are the main types:

Submersible Pump:

  • Most popular option
  • Located underwater
  • Quiet operation
  • Long lifespan

Pedestal Pump:

  • Sits above water
  • Slightly noisier when running
  • Easier to access for service and repairs

Both options can be installed with a battery back-up in case of a power outage.

Water leaks and flooding can lead to foundation damage. We offer slab leak repair services!

Avoid Sump Pump Problems

All complicated equipment can run into issues without routine maintenance. Sump pumps are no different. From power failure to a jammed float switch, regular care by a professional can catch problems before they start.

Pro Service Mechanical can inspect your sump pump and make you aware of any potential problems. If your equipment is the wrong size or has insufficient horsepower, we can advise you on a sump pump replacement that meets demands. Call for professional advice in Saskatoon!

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