Repiping Services in Saskatoon

Constant leaks and untrustworthy pipes are a real headache! Call Pro Service Mechanical for expert repiping services.

Older homes are loaded with character and charm. But despite the original quality of the build, time takes its toll on the home’s integrity. This is especially true for the plumbing. With time, pipes will see damage, cracks, corrosion and a buildup of minerals and sediments. This means water flows poorly and can even be unsafe to drink.

Pro Service Mechanical in Saskatoon, SK is a qualified repiping contractor. As a local, family-run business since 2008, we hold high standards for the quality of our work. Our technicians are fully-insured and certified to get the job done quickly and effectively. Call our team for upfront prices and a fast response!

Repiping is often necessary when you want plumbing upgrades. Have you considered our plumbing remodel services?

The Life of Your Pipes

Repiping your home is a big investment. So most homeowners aren’t eager to do it until the time is right. But at what point is repiping a necessity?

It all depends on the pipe materials and when they were installed. In old homes, we expect to see galvanized pipes. But with age, this material becomes brittle and rusty. Their life has ended when you start to notice leaks, frequent blockages, or red-brown water. Galvanized pipes usually last for about 20-50 years.

Copper is also common in plumbing. You can usually get 50 years of life before problems start to occur. At this point, you’ll need to consider refreshing your plumbing system.

What to Expect From a Repipe

A whole-house repipe is exactly what it sounds like; your house is getting a shiny, new plumbing system. It’s a big project, but when handled by a Saskatoon expert, you’ll only pay for it once in your home’s life.

A plumbing contractor, like Pro Service Mechanical, will help you decide on the best materials for your repipe, likely copper, plastic or a combination of both.

Because plumbing can be hard to access, this process is very in-depth and somewhat invasive. A repipe is a good opportunity to move faucets and relocate appliances. Many homeowners choose to upgrade bathrooms and kitchens during a big repipe.

If you decide not to remodel during the repipe, the final result won’t look much different on the surface—but your plumbing will work better than it ever has!

Repiping will make your water fresher than ever! Improve the flavour even more by purifying with a water filtration system.

The Benefits of Repiping Your Home

Because of the scale of this plumbing project, you might be wondering “what’s the pay-off of a repipe?” Just because the changes aren’t visible, doesn’t mean you won’t reap the rewards. You can expect these top benefits from your repipe:

  • Stronger Water Pressure
  • Smoother Water Flow
  • Decreased Water Bills
  • Safe and Clean Water
  • No Pesky Clogs
  • No Damaging Leaks
  • No Spending Money On Repairs

Protect your investment with a repipe from the pros! Pro Service Mechanical offers lasting repiping services Saskatoon, SK! Call (306) 230-2442 and be confident in your home’s plumbing!