Gas Line Repair & Installation in Saskatoon

Your safety is at stake with gas line installation. Call the experts at Pro Service Mechanical for careful work you can trust!

Natural gas is a clean and efficient energy source for your home or business. But gas comes with risks, so it’s crucial that your gas lines receive the undivided attention of a professional whenever they’re worked on.

Whether you need to repair, replace or install brand new gas lines, Pro Service Mechanical keeps your health and safety at the forefront! We’ve been providing detail-oriented gas services in Saskatoon, SK since 2008. Customers appreciate the high-quality work of our fully-insured and certified trades personnel.

Is that bad smell coming from somewhere other than your gas lines? We can pinpoint the problem with a sewer video camera inspection!

The Benefits of Gas Line Replacement

After years of use, your gas lines become unreliable and vulnerable to damage. If you detect a leak, or notice cracks or corrosion on your lines, replacement is your best option. With new gas pipes, take advantage of benefits like:

  • Better reliability from appliances (Furnace, oven, hot water heater, etc.).
  • Stable energy source even if you experience a power outage.
  • Superior efficiency and clean, environmentally-friendly emissions.
  • More economic for cost-savings.

Does a Professional Need to Install My Gas Lines?

Gas lines are dangerous to work on; they’re flammable and toxic. It’s imperative that your lines are handled correctly and installed at the highest standards. This protects anyone who lives or works on the property.

Because of this, you must have a trained and certified gas-fitter repair and install your gas lines in Saskatoon. Having an experienced professional’s eyes and hands on the project means you can rest assured with the results. Licensing programs, created by the government, guarantee your safety, and provide protection for the public from the hazards that come with gas services.

Know you need a gas repair, but don’t know where the problem is? We’ll find it fast with expert gas leak detection!

Warning Signs of a Gas Leak

Most people are familiar with the smell of a natural gas leak. You’ll recognize it by a rancid, rotten-egg scent. This bad odour is your main indicator that your gas lines need an inspection and repair. Here are some other warning signs to help you detect a gas leak:

  • Physical illness (dizziness, nausea, vomiting).
  • Wilted or dead houseplants.
  • Unusually high gas bills.
  • Flames associated with gas are orange or yellow, instead of blue.
  • Whistling or hissing noises near lines or appliances.

If you notice these indicators, contact Pro Service Mechanical and leave your house immediately.

From installing BBQ gas lines to repairing gas furnace hookups, we handle it all in Saskatoon, SK! Call Pro Service Mechanical at (306) 230-2442 for accurate gas line repair, replacement and installation today.