Bathroom Remodeling in Saskatoon

Enjoy a spa-like escape in the comfort of your own home. Call in the pros for an expertly plumbed bathroom remodel!

Do you dream of starting the day’s routine in a luxury bathroom? Do you want a stylish retreat to soak in at night? Or are you just sick of mildew around the edge of your shower and a faucet that won’t stop dripping? From simple faucet replacement to a full-blown bathroom renovation, we’re the pros to get the job done right!

Pro Service Mechanical is a bathroom remodeling contractor with over a decade of experience. Since 2008, we’ve helped Saskatoon, SK locals make the most of their bathrooms. Our certified technicians offer skillful work and up-front pricing to keep your project on-time and within budget. The results of our work show in our A+ BBB reviews!

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How to Plan Your Bathroom Remodel

Better fixtures and upgraded plumbing make a huge difference in the home. And there’s a wide range of upgrades that can be done in the bathroom. To get an idea of the scope of work and the time frame for your project, make a plan:

  • Create a Wish List: List everything you’re considering changing. Put it all out there! Dream big and include everything your heart desires.
  • Compare Cost: Explore all your options regarding products, equipment, contractors, and pricing. Don’t go for cheap. Aim for quality that lasts!
  • Plan Your Budget: Don’t go into debt for a remodel. Simple upgrades go a long way!
  • Consult a Pro: Make sure your remodel is handled with safety codes in mind. Don’t risk a flooded bathroom or unclean water by trying to save a few bucks.

An experienced plumbing contractor can help you relocate and properly install pipes, fixtures, and waste drainage. Pro Service Mechanical can make sure your bathroom renovation will last for years with no surprise problems!

Benefits of a Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom remodel isn’t just a fresh way to enjoy your home. A lavish new bathtub installation or a trendy sink installation go a long way in the big picture. In Saskatoon, investing in your bathroom adds value to your home.

Bathroom remodels are the top choice for homeowners hoping to enhance their house and increase sale margins. When the upgrades are done stylishly and correctly, homeowners can often recover 50% of their investment.

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What to Expect During Your Bathroom Project

We want you bathroom remodel to be as hassle-free as possible. A good plumbing team should guide you through the process to keep things on track. Here’s what you can expect from our team:

  • Inspection of your plumbing’s current condition.
  • Discussion about your goals and future plumbing needs.
  • Recognizing and addressing any current or potential problems.
  • Filing for any needed permits.
  • Upgrade and installation stage.
  • Final acknowledgement and approval of work.

Ready to enjoy your dream bathroom? Let’s discuss your ideas! Pro Service Mechanical is available to handle your bathroom upgrades and installations in Saskatoon, SK! Call (306) 230-2442.