Fall Maintenance and AC Repair in Saskatoon, SK

With summer in the books and fall fast approaching, it may not seem like the time to have your AC unit inspected and repaired. The reality is quite the contrary, however—fall is the perfect season to have a professional service your AC unit to ensure that it heads into a much-needed hibernation in tip-top shape. […]
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Reasons You May Need 220V

There are plenty of reasons to need 220V, which is why all summer long electrical contractors are busy running all over Saskatoon fulfilling customers’ demand for higher voltage. Might be a new hot tub one day or a commercial refrigerator the next—electricians are busy taking orders all over this part of Canada. What are some […]
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Some Cool Advice for Food Purveyors

Have you ever considered how many food purveyors there are in and around Saskatoon? The map is practically dotted with them. From fine eating establishments, to convenience stores and fast food, and don’t forget about all the cafeterias feeding workers and students alike. The food industry is alive and well in this part of Canada, […]
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The Run-Down on New Air Conditioning Units

When it comes to upgrading your home, adding an air conditioning system can hardly be rivaled in terms of both adding value and greatly increasing your living standard. Especially during hot summer months, you can be happy knowing the money you put into an air conditioning service and installation in Saskatoon not only keeps your […]
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One Degree of Difference Makes All the Difference

When it comes to dealing with refrigeration, there’s a degree of perfection involved. Whether it’s configuring the initial installation of a refrigeration unit, servicing an already installed model or recalibrating a unit to meet a new level of functionality, perfection has to be behind every screw, nut and bolt. Because of this emphasis on perfection […]
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