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Indoor Air Quality Contest Winner!

Sanuvox UV Air Treatment System

Image of customer with new Sanuvox UV Air Treatment system installed

Congratulations Carol Vicente!

Carol has won a new Sanuvox SR+ installed by Pro Service!

Image of Sanuvox Ultraviolet unit to improve indoor air quality

Improve your Indoor Air with Sanuvox and Pro Service.

The Sanuvox SR+ will eliminate pathogens, viruses, bacteria and odors from your heating system. UV air treatment significantly improves the indoor air quality of your home.

Image of bacteriaImage of Sanuvox Ultraviolet unit internal construction

Image of uva, uvb and uvc wave lengths

Enjoy being in your home this winter.

Spend less time feeling sick and more time enjoying being in your home this winter. The Sanuvox is great for anyone with allergies or asthma as well. Contact us today to find out more about all our IAQ solutions. Contact us

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