Gas Log Fireplace Services in Saskatoon

Want the classic comfort of a fireplace without all the wood-chopping that comes with it? We can install a beautiful gas log fireplace in your home—call today!

In Saskatoon, SK, there’s nothing as charming and cozy as flickering flames to keep you warm. Before winter creeps below freezing, Pro Service Mechanical can professionally install a gas log fireplace for you!

Our trained, licensed, and insured team takes pride in providing friendly service and lasting work. We’ll help you choose a gas log fireplace that fits your style and budget. With up-front prices, financing available, and a satisfaction guarantee, we know you’ll be happy with the results! And if you ever need maintenance or repairs for your new fireplace, we’ll make sure to protect your investment with 24/7 service.

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Positive Perks of Gas Log Fireplace Installation

The charm of live flames is the main reason customers in Saskatoon choose gas logs to heat their home. But beyond the ambient beauty, gas log fireplaces come with many perks:

  • HASSLE-FREE: No dealing with gathering and chopping wood.
  • NO-MESS: No clean-up from soot, ash, and charred logs.
  • EASY-INSTALL: No chimney required for easy and fast installation.
  • ECONOMICAL: Clean and efficient energy makes it cheaper to use.
  • SAFE: Less dangerous than a real fire.
  • SIMPLE-TO-USE: Consistent and ambient warmth at the touch of a remote.

Install Options for Gas Log Fireplaces

There are several options to choose from when installing a gas log fireplace. Pro Service Mechanical can help you sort through these popular options:

  • PROPANE GAS: If you’re not attached to a municipal gas line, this is a great option. It’s more expensive than natural gas, but puts out hotter temperatures.
  • NATURAL GAS: With access to natural gas lines, this is the obvious choice. It’s more affordable and safer than propane.
  • VENTED: This design looks more realistic, but requires a chimney flue. This results in energy waste from heat escaping, but means less risk of carbon monoxide hazards.
  • VENT-FREE: This option is easy to install and more efficient. However, they’re not as stylish and put out less heat.

With a no-pressure comfort quote, we can answer your questions about each style available!

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Gas Log Fireplace Maintenance and Repair

Like any heater or furnace, some maintenance is required to keep your gas log fireplace running successfully. A little attention by the experts provides years of safe, reliable and elegant warmth. You can expect dedicated attention from our team with inspection, cleaning and repairs on:

  • Chimney draw
  • Fan function
  • Pilot and burner assembly
  • Pilot safety system
  • Wires and electric parts
  • Ignition and combustion parts
  • Moving components (gaskets, hinges, doors, etc)

Because gas is involved, we want to make sure your equipment works correctly and safely. Comfort and health are a top priority. Call our team for expert maintenance and safety-oriented repairs!

Pro Service Mechanical offers a wide range of gas log fireplace services. Call (306) 230-2442 for aesthetic options, upfront prices, and careful work in Saskatoon, SK!