Boiler Services in Saskatoon

You’ll never achieve the temperatures you need with a poorly-functioning boiler. Pro Service Mechanical offers fast response and quality results on boiler services!

Is your boiler old, unreliable and noisy? That’s probably why you’re suffering from a lack of warmth in the home! Pro Service Mechanical offers a variety of effective boiler services to keep you comfortable.

Don’t face a blustery and frigid Saskatoon, SK winter with a bad boiler. Our technicians are trained and certified to pinpoint problems and provide lasting work. Since 2008, we’ve established an impressive A+ reputation with the BBB. We always offer up-front prices and have financing available to keep the work within your budget. With 24/7 emergency services and a fast response, we’ll quickly get the heat flowing in your home!

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The Function of Proper Boiler Installation

Your boiler is essential to providing consistent and reliable warmth indoors. Boilers produce hot water vapour to create heat. The heat energy is then circulated throughout the house and transferred into each room by a heat-radiating unit.

The boiler installation phase is crucial to proper long-term function. A knowledgeable contractor will make sure the correct size and type of boiler is installed. Every component must be carefully placed, fitted, and plumbed to make sure it is efficient and dependable. When you need a trained contractor to handle the install or boiler replacement, we’re here for you!

A Longer Lifespan With Qualified Boiler Maintenance and Repairs

Because Saskatoon has dramatically cold winters, your boiler will need professional attention each year to remain operational. We recommend scheduling preventative maintenance in late summer or early fall. Our comprehensive inspection includes:

  • Cleaning and adjusting the burner assembly.
  • Checking and bleeding fluid levels.
  • Inspecting all pipes, valves and connectors for tight seals.
  • Clearing blocked air vents.
  • Examining and cleaning all heating surfaces.
  • Testing and calibrating gauges and meters.
  • Looking for corrosion, cracks, or other damage.

Pro Service Mechanical can improve your system’s overall integrity and performance. And if we see any potential problem areas, we’ll handle the boiler repair service quickly and effectively.

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Upgraded Performance With Boiler Replacement

If repairing your old boiler is possible, we’ll always go that route first. But if you constantly experience breakdowns, or your boiler costs a fortune to use, we can share options for a replacement.

Boiler replacement results in better performance and less energy use than maintaining an old, worn-out system. A modern, high-efficiency boiler can dramatically cut costs and provide the reliable heat you need. Sometimes retrofitting is necessary with an upgrade, but we’ll make the installation process straightforward and hassle-free.

Pro Service Mechanical is an experienced boiler service company in Saskatoon, SK. Since 2008, we’ve offered upfront pricing and high-quality work. Call (306) 230-2442 for emergency boiler services 24/7!