Grounding Your Electrical Installation in Saskatoon

The importance of grounding electrical installations in Saskatoon cannot be overstated: grounding will keep you, your family and your home safe from electrical malfunctions and stray currents. Today, most residential and commercial electrical systems have fuses or circuit breakers to protect the electrical system against major fault currents or short circuits, however even with these security measures in place, the human body may still be fatally shocked by a current measuring less than a single amperewell below a fuse or breaker’s capacity to function.

How do we protect ourselves from electrical issues, even with breakers and fuses to help mitigate shocks? The answer is grounding—grounding helps to prevent stray currents from causing damage, even if they’re able to bypass a breaker or fuse. No electrical installation in Saskatoon is complete without a proper ground and failing to have one in place could put the integrity of the entire establishment at risk—whether it’s through an electrical fire or simply a rogue current.

How to ground

Grounding is named as such for a reason: it’s the practice of incorporating your circuit into the ground, allowing electricity to be properly dispersed by a non-conductive force—in this case, the Earth itself. The ground will disperse a rogue current, leaving it harmless as it withers away to nothing.

Today, many homes have grounds in them as a feature of the home’s construction. This ground usually resembles a long metal pipe that’s driven into the ground. A copper conductor is usually present on this pipe, as copper is one of the most prolific conductors of electricity—and this copper cap will ensure that any electricity is being channeled away from the home, as a result of a rogue current, will be conducted by the ground and properly disseminated.

How does the stray current get to the ground? You may have noticed that your everyday home power outlets feature three slots for prongs—two parallel slots and one above or below the other two. This third slot is meant for a ground plug and often, you’ll find that electronics come with cords attached to them that feature three plugs. While the two horizontal plugs serve to channel electricity into the object, the ground plug will feed stray current back into the outlet, where it will make its way down to the ground.

Remembering to ground

Electrical work should never be done by a novice—especially not large-scale electrical installations in Saskatoon. The chief danger in doing these types of jobs yourself, is forgetting crucial elements like a ground or not having these systems wired appropriately. Having an improper ground in your home won’t stop stray current from wreaking havoc on your home and could actually serve to loop that energy back into your living space if the ground is incorrectly installed.

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