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Don’t Sweat It, Install a Central Air Conditioner

With the summer in full swing, the humid and stagnant air is taking away all the charm of sunny days, and the rising temperatures manage to turn off all good feelings at times. But why should we let the fluctuating temperatures get the better of our tempers? Because, closing the windows and drawing the drapes and blinds can only suffice to a point. Is there any point in sweating and sleeping in tolerable rooms when we can have a proper and complete rest, a good and undisturbed 8 hour sleep as advised by doctors with a central air conditioner?

Central A/C units are your best friend for summer

Central Air Conditioners keep our homes cool by circulating cool air and by dragging out the warm air through insulated wires. This appliance comprises of four to five different parts that make life easier for us. As climate trends predict long stretches of heat and dry weather, central air conditioners are going to be a reliable front for peace and comfort at home

In the 2018 heat wave, 54 Canadians in Quebec fell prey to heat and most of these people did not have any air conditioning in their residences. As the climate changes, we need to change our coping mechanisms too and hence, installing a central air conditioner should be a logical step.

Why it trumps other ways of cooling

Most commercial spaces now have air conditioners installed and admittedly you wouldn’t want to come back to a hot and stuffy home after a hectic — though cool — day at work. Central air conditioners make the home atmosphere pleasant and inviting. Of course, you can try to shade your windows and keep them shut, use ceiling fans more, limit use of ovens and stove, etc. but these are not feasible at all times.

Sweating at SummerCentral Air Conditioner

These tips make negligible difference in essence when it’s humid and stuffy outside, and your home starts getting uncomfortable. Fans do not cool air, they just have a ‘cooling effect’ on our skins, and we can’t stop cooking just because it’s hot. Besides, opening of windows after sunset to let the air in also invites dust, dirt, and all manners of insects into your home. Add to this, the allergy related problems that most people experience in the summer time, and not to forget, the all-important air quality issues.

Advantages of central A/C

The advantages of installing a central air conditioner are evident from the rising numbers of Canadian homes that are opting for it. Many of them have opted for single window units or portable units that work towards a single room or contained area. But, the window air conditioners do not provide the optimum benefits that central AC units deliver.

  • Cost wise, a minimum investment ensures a cooler home and not only individual rooms.
  • Central AC units are unobtrusive and do not bar your windows or the décor of your house.
  • Central AC units eliminate impurities from the air through its filters and improve the quality of indoor air.
  • Compared to window units, central AC units make much lesser noise and are barely detectable.
  • Flexibility of usage and operations ensure that they are switched off when not in use and hence, last longer with proper maintenance care.
  • Central AC installation upgrades your home and consequently increases the resale value of your property.
  • If you’re a homeowner, it makes logical as well as investment sense to install a central AC unit, as they come equipped with multiple functions and can double up as heating systems too.

Central air conditioners are becoming the standard for comfortable homes. Equipped with central control panels and almost imperceptible presence and functioning these units offer years of comfort in the anvil. So get yourself a central A/C and don’t sweat in this wonderful summer anymore!