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It’s not easy finding the right AC and furnace service company to assist you. Oftentimes, companies only look out for their bottom line. When you work with a locally owned company like Pro Service Mechanical in Dalmeny, SK, you don’t have to worry about that. We offer a variety of heating and cooling services for your central heating and air conditioning and beyond.

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Since 2008, we have been providing:

  • 24 hour heating and furnace repair
  • 24 hour AC service
  • Heating maintenance
  • AC maintenance
  • Duct services
  • Air quality services
  • And more!

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Signs You Need Furnace Repair Service

Your furnace is responsible for keeping you warm during the freezing winter. This is a challenge for any system which is why you should be able to recognize the signs so that you can call a furnace service company right away. Pro Service Mechanical in Dalmeny can help.

  • Pilot light: Check your pilot light, if it’s any color other than blue, you might have a gas leak. Call right away!
  • Insufficient heat: Check the temperature in your home. If you’re still shivering, your furnace isn’t doing its job. Save yourself the discomfort and contact us.
  • Strange smells: The smell of fuel or any other strange smells that continue throughout heating your home can be a sign of trouble.
  • Strange noises: Clinking, banging or screeching could mean a mechanical issue. We can help.

When to Replace your AC

You might need more than just central AC repair if you notice your system has been giving you more problems than usual lately. Here are some things you can check to decide if it’s time to scrap your old unit for a new one:

  • Your AC is more than 10-12 years old.
  • Your system is old and inefficient and you can save money by switching to a more efficient model.
  • You have to schedule frequent, expensive repairs.
  • Your system has frequent mechanical issues.
  • Your system uses R 22 freon.
  • Your system isn’t keeping you as comfortable as you’re used to.

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Expert 24 Hour Emergency Services

Having access to emergency furnace repair and emergency AC repair is a big deal. It’s the difference between spending the night shivering or sweating and getting a good night’s sleep. If you think you have to wait until morning to fix the problem, think again. Our team of experts is standing by to assist you in the case of an inopportune shutdown. Best of all, you’ll enjoy:

  • Upfront Pricing
  • Fast Response
  • Licensed and Certified Technicians

At Pro Service Mechanical in Dalmeny, SK, you can feel confident knowing you have experts ready to service your HVAC needs. Call today at (306) 230-2442 to schedule your service!