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Central AC Tips, Do You Need To Cover Your Air Conditioner?

by Ben Wanner of Pro Service Mechanical

air condtioner cover with question mark

When it comes to putting a cover on your home air conditioning system’s outside condenser and compressor unit (the box outside your house), there seems to be a difference of opinion. Many homeowners feel it is necessary to cover your air conditioner. In Saskatoon we live in some pretty extreme weather conditions so it may seem reasonable to cover the air conditioner for the winter. The truth is that it is NOT necessary to cover the outside unit. Major manufactures agree that it is NOT necessary. It will NOT affect your warranty or the longevity of the equipment to leave it uncovered. All exterior HVAC equipment is designed to be in extreme outdoor weather. The fact is that covering your air conditioning’s outside components with a cover can actually harm your system and it is not recommended. Here we have listed a few reasons why you do not want to cover your AC.



Rodents such as mice find a covered AC unit in the winter time the perfect place to nest. They can damage electrical wires and components. They can also damage insulation around refrigerant lines and the compressor. The covered unit protects the mice from the wind and elements and it is common to find them in a covered AC.

Air Conditioning Units Are Made To Handle The Outdoors

air conditioner in snow

Manufacturers design the air conditioning units to be outside. If there is an outdoor weather event that could damage your air conditioner such as a large hail storm a vinyl cover is probably not going to help very much.

Covers Do Not Stop Moisture From Getting In

condensation on window

The cover may actually cause condensation to form inside the unit. The condensation can freeze and damage the condenser coil. It can also negatively affect the electrical components that do not typically see moisture during rain or melting snow.

Mould and Mildew

mould spores

The cover promotes mould and mildew growth by blocking proper air flow. This can reduce the efficiency of the unit and cause other problems.

Covers Are Expensive

100 dollar bill

Air conditioner covers are expensive and are often over $100. It seems like a lot of money for something that is unnecessary or even detrimental to your air conditioner.

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