Woman adjusting a valve of her home's heating system - checking for signs of malfunction.

Checking Heating System

Signs You Need Your Heating System Checked Right Away

The colder months are coming fast. Now is the time to determine if your heating system is running at peak efficiency. The last thing anyone wants is for their heater to stop working during the coldest night of the year. It is always a good idea to have a heating system inspection before the coldest months are upon us. However, you should absolutely have your system serviced if you think it isn’t running correctly.

Just as there are many types of home heating options, there are many things that can potentially go wrong with them. Here is a quick breakdown of common heating systems and issues to watch. 

Types of Home Heating Systems Furnace

Furnaces are the most common type of residential heating. They commonly share ductwork with your cooling system and are referred to as a single HVAC unit. 

Ductless Heating Systems

You can install this relatively new technology in any room of the house. In fact, a single unit can heat or cool the room in which it is installed in. These systems are becoming more popular because they are energy efficient and allow you to control the individual temperature of each room. 

Heat Pump

Heat pumps work by using the environment to pull heat into the pump and disperse it throughout the house. There are a few different types of heat pumps, but one example is a geothermal heat pump. These systems pull heat from the ground or an underground water source. Heat is often absorbed through buried pipes that are filled with water or a refrigerant and then transferred to the system to be released into your home. 

Signs Your System Needs Attention

Some signs your heating system needs attention are specific to the system. Others are general signs you need to have a professional look at your system as soon as possible. 

High Bills

Often, the first sign that your heating system needs attention is abnormally high utility bills. It’s not uncommon for utility bills to increase when the season changes as you start to heat up your house, but if they continue to increase, it is time to call for an expert opinion

Strange Noises

You may feel surprised by how many strange noises a malfunctioning heater can make. If you hear a hiss or whistle, rattling, grinding, squealing, or banging, these are all signs to have your system checked immediately. Many of these sounds are the result of issues that are easy to fix. However, this will destroy your entire unit if you don’t have it checked right away. 

Constant Cycling

Most heating systems should take about 15 minutes to go through a heat cycle. If you hear your heating turning on and off over and over in a short period, it is likely that there is an issue that needs to be addressed. 

Constantly Adjusting Setting

If you find that you are adjusting the thermostat frequently to keep up with the temperature in the room or temperatures swing wildly from room to room, you should have your unit examined. It could be something as simple as replacing your thermostat or a more significant issue like something blocking the airflow in the vents. 

Burning Smells

It isn’t uncommon to catch a whiff of a burning smell when you turn your furnace on for the first time. However, if a burning smell persists or you smell other unpleasant odors coming from your heating system it may be a sign something is off. 

Showing Signs of Age

If your heating system is aging, it is a good idea to have it inspected yearly. This way, you can ensure that it won’t break down on you when you need it most. If you find yourself calling someone out to repair your system regularly, it is a sign that it has reached the end of its lifespan and you may need to consider replacing it. 

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