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Best Time To Replace HVAC Systems

It is inevitable that you will have to replace your HVAC system at some point. Whether your unit is old, has been damaged beyond repair, or is just not heating or cooling properly, it is imperative to replace your HVAC system with a new one so you can gain the peace of mind that you and your family are kept safe and comfortable.


Why Should You Replace Your HVAC Systems?

A worn out HVAC system needs a lot of repairs and extra maintenance. It also tends to eat up a lot more fuel or electrical power to work efficiently. A replacement is wise when…


*Your system has been around for more than 10 to 15 years. Different systems also have different lifespans. Generally, a furnace can go strong for around a decade, while a boiler, on the other hand, can last up to 15 years. Past these times, however, you can expect to see a more frequent need for repair, less comfort in your home, and much higher utility bills.


*Your system makes a lot of noise due to prolonged activity, has constant dust leakages, has serious heating, cooling, and humidity inconsistencies, and if it costs you increasingly more money in repairs.


*You are not getting enough comfort. If your HVAC system is no longer doing its job, then it is high time to replace it.


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When Should You Replace Your HVAC Systems?

Replacing HVAC systems, however, can have a higher replacement cost – depending on the season. The best time to replace HVAC systems is really during the off-season. The off-season stretches from late September to March. These are the best months to replace your HVAC system for your business or your home.


During the summer most HVAC contractors are hired to replace, maintain and install air conditioning units. During these seasons, the price of air conditioning systems also skyrockets due to contractor availability! If you are after getting a great deal for an AC unit, then it is best to shop during the fall and spring.


During the off-season, the weather is usually mild to cold, with no extreme warm temperatures. During this period air conditioning systems are rarely used since there is no need for them. This is why during this time, air conditioning HVAC contractors offer lower installation costs. Teams of air conditioning experts are also more available during this time, so you can expect to have faster installations, repairs, or maintenance!


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