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Missing out on the cool temperatures you crave? Evaporator coil problems are common, and we know how to handle them—call now!

Your air conditioner’s evaporator coils are the primary function for keeping your space cool. Being such a crucial component means they’re also more vulnerable to problems. If it’s time for coil cleaning or fixing, Pro Service Mechanical has you covered!

Since 2008, our team has solved evaporator coil troubles in Saskatoon, SK. Dedicated technicians give their undivided attention and honest advice for cleaning, repairs, or replacement. Enjoy up-front pricing, licensed experts, and powerful cooling results. We don’t have an A+ BBB rating for nothing —experience better service and fast solutions today!

We can save you from middle-of-the-night sweats! Call for24 hour emergency repairs when temperature starts to rise!

Warning Signs of a Bad Evaporator Coil

With enough time and use, evaporator coils can come down with problems. Corrosion begins to form on the coil, forming small holes. This problem often results in a leak, and can be hard to detect by the untrained eye. Know these warning signs so you can catch issues early on:

Refilling the refrigerant or cleaning the coils won’t get to the root of this problem. Pro Service Mechanical can advise you on evaporator coil replacement if needed.

Should I Be Worried About an Evaporator Coil Leak?

When you start to notice the signs of an evaporator coil leak, it’s important to address them right away. Unchecked problems won’t just hinder your comfort and climate control. They can be dangerous and damaging.

An ongoing leak can cause larger problems with your AC unit, making repair costs more expensive over time. Extended exposure from leaking refrigerant can also be hazardous to your health. We can quickly detect the source of the problem and help with repairs or new evaporator coil installation.

Patching a big problem might not cut it. We can consult with you about AC upgrades and installation!

The Right Time for Evaporator Coil Replacement

AC evaporator coil cleaning and maintenance is key to consistent, cool temps in Saskatoon. This essential piece requires more attention than most your system. But when is cleaning not enough? When is a replacement in order? Here’s how you’ll know:

Pro Service Mechanical will give your evaporator coils our undivided attention! Call (306) 230-2442 for careful cleaning and professional advice on repairs in Saskatoon, SK.

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