AC: The 5 Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repair

AC: The 5 Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repair

As we transition toward warmer weather, now is the perfect time to determine if your air conditioning system needs repair. Your AC has been lying dormant for several months and it may not be ready yet to handle constant use during the summer heat ahead. If you can catch the signs that your air conditioning system needs repair early, you can have your system online before the first heat wave hits Saskatoon, while the weather is still nice enough to have your system repaired for a day or two quite comfortably.

Catching these signs early can also prevent your AC from grinding itself into a more damaged state. This saves you time, comfort, and money all at the same time. Without further ado, let’s review the top five signs that your AC could use a tune-up before summer.

Weak Airflow

If your system is clogged or your blower fan is damaged, the signs will be noticeably weak airflow. Signs of weak airflow include hot and cold spots around the house and your home not reaching the cool temperature set on the thermostat. You may also notice weak airflow if you hold your hand up to a vent and feel very little force.

Causes of weak airflow can be a clogged filter, ductwork blocked with dust, or a malfunctioning blower motor. Always start by changing the filter and peek into your duct to see if they are specially coated in walls of dust. If it’s the blower motor, you may also hear unusual sounds. If changing the filter doesn’t help, call professional HVAC technicians for cleaning and service.

Warm Air from Vents

If your AC is not cooling properly, you will notice warm air coming from the vents. Signs include rooms that never get very cool and a lukewarm temperature when you hold your hand up to a vent.

If your AC is blowing warm air, there are several potential causes. Start by resetting your thermostat and changing the settings to see if you can get your AC to restart cooling. Then check your (outdoor) compressor to ensure it’s not clogged with leaves and debris. If these don’t solve the problem, the issue may be dust-covered coils, a refrigerant leak, or mechanical issues that an HVAC professional can solve.

Strange Noises

Listen closely to your AC. If you hear grinding, rattling, or squealing, these usually mean there’s a mechanical issue gone wrong inside your AC unit. It might be loose components, worn bearings, or a failing compressor. Almost any issue that causes strange noises is the reason your technician will need to open up the AC to discover and repair it.

Unusual Odors

ACs should not have any smell. A musty or sour smell coming from your vents can mean mold is growing in the layers of dust, and you will need someone to clean your ducts. You should do this about once every 3-5 years.

If you smell something “sweet,” then this is your refrigerant. You will need a specialist technician to clean up the leak, repair your system, and top up your coolant fluids.

If you smell burning, turn off your AC immediately and call for emergency HVAC repairs. This can mean an exposed wire and a risk of far more catastrophic or flammable results.

High Humidity Levels

Usually, ACs cause air to be a little drier due to how the air cools and cycles through your home. So if the inside of your home is humid, sticky, or clammy instead, there’s a problem. The cause is either a malfunctioning AC unit or a unit of the wrong size for the space. If restarting your AC and ensuring all the vents are open does not solve the problem, call a technician immediately. Explain the issue so they can help you fix it.

Tune Up Your AC for the Summer with Pro Service Mechanical

In Saskatoon, now is the perfect season to get your AC in good shape for summer weather. Switch on your AC for the first warm days, and trust your senses. If you hear, smell, or feel anything unusual from your AC, you can get a professional to fix it before further damage occurs and the first hot days arrive.

Pro Service Mechanical proudly offers timely and emergency HVAC repair services, including routine maintenance checks. We will ensure your AC is tuned-up and ready for summer weather. Contact us for any of your AC repair or maintenance needs.