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6 Considerations When Deciding Whether to Replace or Repair Your Air Conditioning Unit

Your air conditioning system can serve your property well until the day it doesn’t. Many A/C owners dread this period because they’ve got to decide whether to replace or repair their units. Sometimes a simple repair can suffice to keep an older air conditioning unit working for a few more years. However, a replacement is necessary in some instances. Knowing the essential factors to consider can help you make the right choice. At Pro Service Mechanical, we believe these factors can help you choose well.

What to Consider When Deciding to Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

1. The Unit’s Age

The air conditioning unit’s age is the most important consideration when deciding whether to repair or replace it. The system’s typical life expectancy is 10–15 years. In fact, a well-maintained system can last for an extended period. It’s a good practice to replace a system over ten years old with a newer, more efficient unit. A well-maintained A/C model under ten years old may only need a repair to continue working.

2. The Repair Cost

Use the 5,000 rule to determine whether a repair or replacement makes sense. The rule outlines that if you multiply the A/C unit’s age by its repair cost and get a figure exceeding 5,000, replace the system. If the figure is under 5,000, you can repair the installation.

3. The Unit’s Repairs

You can replace an air conditioning unit that needs frequent repairs. A replacement makes sense if the system breaks down constantly, never cools your property well, or operates loudly. You may also replace it if its components, such as the condenser or compressor, fail.

Remember that the system can work well just by having a professional handle its preventative maintenance regularly. Occasional minor repairs are also normal. Always consult a professional to see if the repairs are typical.

4. The Unit’s Efficiency

All air conditioning systems have Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER) to show their energy efficiencies. An older A/C system is less efficient than modern units. Therefore, it has a lower SEER rating than newer models. Efficient models often have a SEER rating of over 20.

The SEER rating also affects your energy bills. A low SEER rating can make your unit energy inefficient, increasing your bills. If an older model increases your energy bills, you can purchase a new, efficient unit. In fact, the installation can save you around $200 per year on energy expenses. Plus, it can have high-efficiency features, such as dehumidifiers, scroll technology, variable-speed motors, as well as SMART thermostat compatibility.

If you aren’t ready to replace your old unit, you can install these add-ons to improve its efficiency:

  • Programmable thermostats: They can improve temperature control, improving the unit’s operational efficiency.
  • Dehumidifiers: They keep the property cool and improve the unit’s cooling efficiency.

5. Recommendations

Consult a trusted HVAC consultant to discover whether to replace or repair your unit. These specialists have years of experience handling A/C units. They use their expertise to guide clients. The technician can fix the unit if it has a minor issue, saving you from acquiring a new system. They can also help you avoid unnecessary repairs when a replacement is necessary. HVAC techs may also perform energy efficiency tests to identify leaks and ascertain your cooling system’s efficiency.

6. Refrigerant Availability and Environmental Impact

Many A/C units aged over ten years use R-22 Freon refrigerant. The government outlawed R-22 Freon refrigerant in 2020. Its supply is scarce and costs more than the available R-410a refrigerant in modern units. R-410a refrigerant is also safer for the environment. You can buy a unit with an environment-friendly R-410a refrigerant to replace the older system with an R-22 Freon refrigerant.

Pro Service Mechanical can repair your A/C unit or advise you if you need a new one. We are a fully insured, experienced, as well as responsive firm handling A/C installation and repairs in Saskatoon. Contact us today to get experts to come by your property for an A/C service call.