Water Main & Burst Pipe Repair in Saskatoon

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Cold weather means more than the upcoming winter festivities… That chill in the air is warning you to protect your plumbing! Colder temps lead to frozen water, causing pipes to burst. The result is expensive, inconvenient, and can damage your property.

Pro Service Mechanical in Saskatoon, SK can get your burst pipes under control and flowing as they should! Our certified and trained technicians can quickly diagnose and repair the problem. Customers love our headache-free repairs—with upfront rates and fast service we’ll get your life back to normal.

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Take Action to Avoid Burst Pipes

When temperatures drop below 32 degrees, pipes in the basement, attic, garage and crawlspace are in danger. These are generally unheated spaces and leave your pipes vulnerable to the cold conditions. During late summer or early fall, take preventative steps to protect your plumbing:

  • Insulate your pipes.
  • Disconnect and drain all outdoor hoses.
  • Let outdoor faucets drip slowly on freezing days.
  • If you notice frost on pipes—use a hair dryer to heat pipes as water trickles through them.

(CAUTION: Be careful not to get water on the hairdryer or you risk electric shock!)

My Pipe Burst! What Should I Do?

Reduce damage to your property by knowing what to do if a pipe bursts:

  • Turn off your water main to prevent further water damage.
  • Shut off your power if you think water has come in contact with your electricity.
  • Turn on your faucets and flush your toilets to drain the system of water.
  • Mop up any water that may be damaging drywall and flooring.

Finally, contact a professional to help you resolve the problem. Pro Service Mechanical in Saskatoon can make quick work of burst pipe and water main line repairs. And we’re available 24/7!

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The Hazards of Main Water Line Problems

Your water main from the street is one of the most important pipes in your plumbing system. And when a leak occurs, it can lead to a whole bunch of problems!

Water leaks in your home can destroy flooring, damaged walls, and cause mould on your furnishings. Those are bad, but outdoor water leaks from your highly-pressured water main can cause major damage underground. From removing dirt and causing sinkholes, to robbing the area of drinking water, and major hikes to your monthly bill. A water leak shouldn’t be ignored! Don’t hesitate to call when you suspect a main water line problem.

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