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I Can’t Breathe In Here!

Image of a boy with an athsma aspirator

Image of a forest fire and smoke

Is the recent forest fire smoke bothering people in your home? Experts say it’s best to keep the home closed and sealed as much as possible during these smokey periods when the indoor air quality is quite low, especially for people with compromised breathing.

Pro Service can help with air filtration and UV light air purification from Healthy Climate Solutions and Lennox. Breathe hospital quality air with our MERV 11 filter. Destroy smoke, mould, bacteria and other organisms in your house air with the Health Climate UV Germicidal Light. Central Air conditioning options are also available and it may be more necessary than ever with those windows closed. You can still receive $500 in discounts until the end of May. Contact us to find out more. Pro Service, your Saskatoon and area indoor air specialists.

Image of a merv 11 air filter to improve air qualityImage of an ultraviolet light unit to improve air quality

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